Our Vision

Changing nations through education.

We’re dedicated to providing the essentials of life and education where they are needed most.

We achieve this by: 

● Providing schooling infrastructure for in-country organisations to fulfil their vision through education

● Raising awareness through vision casting, raising funds, project design through construction and project delivery.

Our work gives other in-country organisations the ability to ACT, and DO.  By working locally, they are building communities that can raise a nation, and in turn bring forward a new generation of leaders.

Our work exists because of the donations from generous sponsors both large and small.

Here’s how we achieve tremendous impact from their donations.

The power of co-operation. 

1. ‘Villages of Life’ identifies counties and communities that have a very low or no form of basic education that we believe would benefit greatly from a new school.

2. We find and partner with an in-country organisation to deliver quality Christian education.

3. In order for the community to achieve self-sustainability, we work with the local community leaders to contribute a minimum of 2 hectares of suitable land.

4. ‘Villages of Life’ then engages local builders to help with our projects, generating much-needed employment for the community.

5. The school is then handed over to the in-country educators to run the school with a business plan to make it fully self-sustainable through its fee structure with the ability to build additional classrooms as the school grows each year.

These schools not only benefit the local economy short term but will be there as a legacy for future generations.

About Us - How Villages of Life Started.

In 2007 Ted Bosveld visited a village in Burundi called Cibitoke.  Seeing the very desperate need of the children there, he felt compelled to do something to help those children that didn’t have any hope or future.   

The first challenge was to provide shelter and safety for the children, and so his first project ‘Homes of Hope’ saw an orphanage built in Cibitoke which houses 48 wonderful children. 

Ted was concerned to see that many of the children were without access to any form of basic education, let alone schooling and information that can foster growth and shape communities, so the next project was a primary school called ‘Future Hope School’. (2013)

This lead to farming projects where new methods of farming were introduced to sustainably grow crops for food production, along with fish and chicken farms that could provide for the Homes of Hope.   

In 2018 land was purchased in order to build a senior secondary and trades training school, which was completed in 2022

In 2021 the Villages of Life’s board redefined its vision and purpose which is to raise awareness, raise funds & build primary schools.  

Our Goal is to build 20 schools in 10 years by 2031 in countries that desperately need a hand up through education. We believe that through education we can change nations. 

We invite you to visit our projects.

In the past many sponsors have been eager to see the village and children they’ve helped.   In 2017 a group of 17 ventured across to Burundi on what turned out to be an incredibly fun and educational experience. 

There are simply no words to describe the sense of meaning, connection and fulfilment. You will take home with you much more that you ever give. And for you, we extend an invitation to see this work for yourself.  Come visit our projects, either as a tradie to work alongside other local trade’s on our construction projects, or come on a longer trip and immerse yourself in their culture.   

We can tailor a tour that can show you what, and why we’re doing this for. Through tax-deductible donations from corporate business, schools, churches, families and multiple fund raisers, our vision is to build sustainable schools, once where there was no education there can be now thanks to you.