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Our Vision

Raising a village. Building a community. Empowering a nation.

The morning bell, little heads dipped over notebooks, eyes at the ceiling trying to remember how much is 8 times 7, hands proudly raised because they know the answer – these are daily images in schools around the world. A luxury in places like Burundi. Making this image as commonplace in Burundi and other 3rd world place as it is in Australia, is our mission.

Villages of Life is an organization dedicated to building schools and supporting local communities in remote places like Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world. Through providing education, care and a safe environment, we help the children of Burundi today to grow into a generation of leaders who will build their country’s tomorrow.

From design to construction and the management of a sustainable project, we engage the local workforce, creating work and generating income for our partners in this desolate parts of the world. Through our work, we do not just want to treat the symptoms of poverty. We want to heal the reasons for it with long-term solutions. Our legacy will be all those children whose lives we are changing brick by brick. And the generations that will follow.

Burundi - Our Starting Point. A country torn by war, political unrest, poverty and appalling living conditions.

For decades, the people most affected are also the most vulnerable, children. Through our programs, we fight to create a better life for those children today, provide stability and empower them to create a better tomorrow.

At Villages of Life, we have an ambitious vision of the legacy we will leave behind. Our choice to focus on building schools is a symbolic and practical one. A school is just four walls until it is filled with laughter, books, and curious minds. A school is an investment in the future. A school is a meeting place for the community. A school is a safe place for children. The place where they can enjoy the superpower of being children now so that they can grow into adults who will take their place in the workforce and the wellbeing of their community.

Our legacy will be all those children whose lives we are changing trip by trip, brick by brick. And the generations that will follow.
How it works

Our Vision


Villages of Life has been on the ground in Burundi since 2007. We know the country, the people, the issues, the needs. To this day, we have built six houses, homes to 39 children and their seven parents and a school for 648 students.

By our presence, we transfer our knowledge and expertise directly to the people who need it the most, and over the years, this method has proven to be successful and sustainable.

It is a human, direct and practical approach. You know who we are. The people in Burundi know who we are. We know all of them, their stories and their achievements, and we are proud to share them with you. There is transparency in every step of the process.

Is our work done? Of course not. The world is vast and the need is great.

During our time since 2007 we have learnt many things, including where we fit and what needs are greatest, which is why we are moving towards schools, not just in Burundi, but in many parts of the world. With your help, we can bring freedom and prosperity for future generations.

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Help us build the next school

Even the smallest amount is important in our effort to build more schools.

We offer a range of ways to be involved with Villages of Life, from simply donating on the right of the screen to picking your donation off our next project like the doors for example or even funding an entire school, click the above link to find out more.


Travel to the next project with Villages of Life

Most people involved in humanitarian work- in Burundi and elsewhere- felt the call to act and help while visiting a country where they witness poverty and devastation. It is also where we found hope and faith. The people of Burundi have suffered, and they need the support of the global community. But they are also people rich in their celebration of life, any chance they get.

It feels almost unfair to deny our committed donors and partners the humbling experience of coming to Burundi and seeing firsthand the work we do on the ground. This trip will not just change your life. You already know your values, the “why” that guides your life and will mark your legacy. But being in Burundi, meeting the people, will reconnect you with the core of those values and reopen your heart towards helping others and changing their lives.

We often talk about the impact of our work on the people of Burundi, yet we fail to acknowledge what our partners on the ground offer us. How they empower and enrich our lives in so many ways.

We hope that you will go back home convinced of the importance of the work you do, the depth of the legacy we are leaving behind, moved by the people you will meet and as a fierce advocate of our mission.